Maude Brown Porter 1926-1930
Initiated into Alpha Chapter in 1915. Porter served as Regional Director of the Southern Region which was renamed the South Eastern Region in 1932. She went on to become the 7th National President. She also served as National 1st Vice-President, Chairman of the National Nominating Committee, the Regional Directors Council, and the National Standards Committee.
Carolyn Blanton 1931-1934
Blanton served as Regional Director during the region’s name change from the Southern Region to the South Eastern Region. No geographic realignment was associated with the name change.
C. Russell Harris 1935-1936
Served as Regional Director during the Silver Convention which was held in Nashville, Tennessee. Harris raised funds to support the Mississippi Health Project and Young Men’s Christian Association. She supported young artists in the Nashville area.
Portia Trenholm 1937-1938
Because of Trenholm’s outstanding planning and execution of conferences and sorority activities, the South Eastern Region’s Hostess Chapters Award was established in her memory and is given at each regional conference to the hostess chapters.
Maude Brown Porter 1939-1942 Porter is the only South Eastern Regional Director who served two separate terms.
Collye Lee Riley 1943-1945
Charter member of Alpha Pi Chapter, Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia. Riley worked to establish an open door policy on the national level and promote intra-fraternal projects and social achievements on the regional level.
Arnetta Wallace 1945-1948
Native of Knoxville, Tennessee who was initiated into Alpha Phi Omega Chapter in Danville, Virginia in 1931. Because of her outstanding leadership, Wallace was elected National 1st Vice-President in 1948 and later elected National President in 1953. She established the first chapter outside of the continental U. S. during her term as National President.
Mayme Williams 1949-1951
Williams was a native of Miami, Florida. In addition to her duties as South Eastern Regional Director, she delivered many keynote addresses and advocated unity among all Greeks. Her outstanding leadership ability contributed to her election as National 1st Vice President.
A. Cathryn Johnson 1951-1953
Johnson, a native of Atlanta, Georgia traveled extensively to develop better relationships among Greeks. She worked to create a smooth transition, when the South Eastern Region and the South Atlantic Region were divided. After relinquishing her position as South Eastern Regional Director in 1953, she served as South Atlantic Regional Director. She worked closely with the newly appointed South Eastern Regional Director, Lois Daniel, to plan a joint regional conference at Alabama A & M College in 1954.
Lois H. Daniel 1954-1958
Daniels, a native of Columbia, Tennessee, was the 1st South Eastern Regional Director under the current geographic configuration. She served as Professor of Library Science and Head Librarian at Tennessee State University. Upon the completion of a new building at Tennessee State, in 1976, the Board named the building the Martha Brown/Lois Daniel Library. Daniel developed and implemented undergraduate programs in the South Eastern Region and established a sequence of meetings for the region.
Julia Brogdon Purnell 1958-1962
Purnell, a native of South Carolina, was initiated into Beta Zeta Omega Chapter. Her outstanding leadership enabled her to become the 16th National President. During her service as Regional Director, she advocated peace and harmony in all undergraduate chapters and originated and implemented undergraduate chapter organization through an undergraduate manual.
Reva W. Allman 1963-1966
Allman presided over the 33rd South Eastern Regional Conference in 1965. Throughout her tenure in office, she established reading clinics, sponsored prizes for achieving high scholastic records among undergraduates - Reva Allman Cup, and established the Reva Allman “Name That Soror Award.”
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